What we’re all about

Little Windmills loves country kids! We reckon Hope, Health and Happiness should be a staple part of every Aussie kids childhood. When kids from around remote, rural and regional Australia are doing it tough we step in and lend a hand.  We financially assist families who have children who are seriously sick, injured or have special needs.  By subsidising things like medical costs, travel and accommodation and providing essential equipment and services, we relieve some of the financial burden on families and allow mums and dads to focus on what’s important, the wellbeing of their little one.

Little Windmills works directly with families, hospitals and other organisations and tailors the support we provide to meet each families unique needs in their darkest hours.  Its through the invaluable support of Australians who generously donate, purchase Little Windmills Lottery tickets or support our events that we can meet the needs of the country children who need us. 

100% of all public donations received by Little Windmills is directed to the country kids who need it!  We’re passionate about supporting country families with kids doing it tough throughout rural and regional Australia.

The Little Windmills Promise

At Little Windmills we guarantee that 100% of the funds raised from public donations and donor fundraising campaigns go to the rural and regional children and their families who need it most.  We meet our operational expenses through a portion of the funds generated by our lotteries and events, relying on the ongoing generosity and support of fellow Australians to make a difference.

We are governed by a responsible, experienced and passionate board of directors who volunteer their time in support of Australia’s country kids in need.

Little Windmills Charity

Little Windmills is…

  • Is a non profit Public Benevolent Institution (PBI), a status granted by the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission (ACNC).
  • We have been granted Deductable Gift Recipient (DGR) status by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), which means the organisation is entitled to receive tax-deductible gifts and tax-deductible contributions, all donations over $2 are tax deductible.
  • Australian charities are required to have an individual ABN: ours is 58 892 970 924.
  • We report annually to the ACNC to whom we are directly accountable.

Get Involved

Little Windmills is able to help Aussie country kids due to the much-appreciated ongoing support of our valued donors, members, volunteers and sponsors!  Thanks Australia, every little bit makes a difference!

There are a number of ways you can get involved to help country kids in need:

Buy a Ticket:  By purchasing a Little Windmills Lottery ticket you can assist Aussie country kids and go in the draw to win big!

Support a Little Windmills event: Volunteer, attend or spread the word about Little Windmills events through social media, by working together we can make a difference!

Fundraise: Holding your own fundraiser or event is a fantastic way to raise money for Little Windmills. We don’t receive any government funding, along with our events and lotteries we rely on the generosity and support of individual donors and businesses to help country kids in need.

We can help you get started and decide what kind of fundraiser will work best for you.  Contact our office today at info@littlewindmills.com.au

Donate: There are many ways you can make a financial contribution to Little Windmills. The easiest way is to donate online!

Bequest: By leaving a legacy gift such as a bequest to Little Windmills, you can have a lasting impact on the children and families we support.  To make a bequest, you must first make a Will.  A Will ensures that after death, a person’s wishes are protected and efficiently implemented. You can review and update your will at any time.

Volunteer: Volunteers do a variety of tasks at our events, to register your interest to become a valued Little Windmills volunteer email us at info@littlewindmills.com.au


At Little Windmills, we love partnering with community-minded Aussie businesses. Here’s how we can work together:

Workplace Giving: Through dollars received via regular payroll deductions, your employees can make an ongoing difference to the kids doing it tough in the bush.

Sponsorship: Business can sponsor a range of activities, from high profile events and corporate functions through to advertising campaigns and fundraising materials.  Sponsorship brings a positive image to your company by addressing specific objectives. It can help reach a target audience, increase brand awareness, motivate staff and show commitment to the local community.

Cause-Related Marketing: Businesses that align their objectives with Little Windmills can enter into a mutually beneficial Cause Related Marketing (CRM) partnership.  Little Windmills does CRM partnerships well ensuring the company, the cause, and the consumer benefit.

Gifts in-kind: In-kind support for the Little Windmills enables companies to contribute to our objectives in a way that is entirely relevant to their business. Gifts in-kind are able to used, raffled, or supplied to the Aussie kids in need and their families. It provides Little Windmills with the invaluable practical support that is necessary to run our services for children.

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